Leadership Development

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Imagine if your key decision-makers not only had a vision, but knew how to get there. How would that change their work? Change their potential? Change the organization? Barbara acts as advisor, external coach and thought-partner to help leaders gain clarity, certainty and insight, empowering key decision-makers to make effective decisions, and in turn have a positive and lasting influence on the organization. With Barbara’s consulting and leadership development support, she helps key decision-makers:

  • Move from confusion and stagnation to vision, clarity and freedom
  • Start working “top-down” by creating their big-picture filter
  • Set and achieve short-term and long-term work goals
  • Cultivate their own intuition to help guide their leadership
  • Guide their decision-making abilities
  • Silence the self-doubt to let them apply their fullest talents at work and at home
  • Learn to trust their “gut” to be the best leader they can be
  • Learn to work with synchronicity instead of struggle
  • Motivate and inspire their team members to reach target goals for company

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