A Special Gift for UCSD Alumni

The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment

The Muse Process, written by UCSD alum Dr. Barbara Cox, draws on the notion of the collective unconscious – a set of guiding principles that is passed down in society from generation to generation to us. Certain life circumstances can activate an unconscious belief system based on the collective mindset, which can alter your sense of self. This book gives readers tools that work on the conscious, linear mind and tools that will shift the deep principles they hold from the collective unconscious. By learning this process, you can go from feeling unappreciated, unworthy, and invisible to  feeling valued, appreciated, and confident in the unique talents you bring to the world.  This powerful book will help you shift mindsets – both on a collective unconscious level and the conscious level – to reignite your state of power and visibility at work and in life. Buy your copy today and download your free workbook below!

Your Free Gift

As a gift to fellow UCSD Alumni, Dr. Barbara Cox is giving away this workbook. Designed as a companion text to The Muse Process, this workbook offers helpful worksheets to use as you read through The Muse Process. Download your free gift today!