An Example of Coaching Support Groups

Example: Support Groups for ASHA Attendees

ASHA Schedule

ASHA has an exciting line-up for you at the Career Center:

YOUR ASHA CIRCLE OF SUPPORT – Tips and Strategies for work/life balance.

15-minute presentations include:

Stress Busters That Work – Relax and Refresh
Come learn tips and tools that you can easily implement to reduce stress, feel calm even in the midst of chaos and, recharge yourself.

Work/Life Balance: Tricks that Work
This interactive session will include informative coaching tools to achieve work-life balance derived from Dr. Barbara Cox’s work with hundreds of coaching clients. The questions and activities presented will help you begin to weed out the mental clutter and start down the path of ease.

The View from the Top: Your Career Vision and Steps along the Way
This session will help you begin to envision and design an exciting long-term career path. You’ll enjoy your day-to-day work even more when you have a compelling vision to move towards.

Designing Your Most Confident Work Self
This interactive session will include activities to activate the most confident work ‘you’ possible. I’ll teach you tools to grow your confidence so that you are on the path to higher earning potential and work satisfaction.

and more!



ASHA Attendees – Complimentary for you:

Use this journal as an adjunct to the work-life balance activities I’ll be presenting at the ASHA Conference Career Center in November. I created this journal specifically for people who, either on their own or along with a life coach, want to turbo-charge their self-confidence with clear, concise questions and activities. Self-confidence affects all facets of your life, including, career, relationships, and finances. This journal is the e-book version and has 29 specific activities that will help you to build excellent self-confidence. Greater confidence can lead to greater job satisfaction and pay. Enjoy!

Sample Relaxation Guided Imagery (approximately 45 minutes)
This is a class I taught on self-hypnosis, including work goal setting and work-life balance. Listen to this to reduce tension – you will finish feeling relaxed and recharged. It also includes some tools on goal-setting while feeling relaxed. Hypnosis is an amazing skill and can help you:

  • Relax in times of potential stress.
  • Excel at memorization for reports or test taking.
  • Build confidence for any project.
  • Master a new skill or talent.


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