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What’s the difference between a gut hunch and fear?

The other day I was discussing intuition with a friend and we started talking about a particularly interesting question – how do you know when it’s a gut hunch and not just fear talking? Said another way, if you’re feeling a sense of fear and you’re not sure if your intuition saying you should do it or not, how can you tell the difference? A personal example My friend and I mulled over this because I originally had a strong intuitive hunch I should start this online group to teach women about their intuition. However, that strong hunch got clouded
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This is your community 🙂 The Forum is a virtual place for members to come together, hold interesting discussions and learn from one another. I’ll pop in there occasionally to comment and respond. The Coaching Corner is an opportunity for you to directly ask me questions about intuition. Each month, I’ll pick one question to respond to and will write a post with my answer.
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