We’re here to help you succeed, whether you’re looking to advance your career, release stress, or find deeper meaning to life overall.

Release work related stress

Release Work-Related Stress

Helping talented people decrease stress and anxiety
in their everyday life.

Disover deeper meaning in your life

Discover Deeper Meaning to Your Life

Supporting accomplished career-driven leaders to explore what’s missing and deepen their life’s meaning.

Here’s how it works…

What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom and discover how to lead the life you’ve always dreamed of? Listening to this internal voice is how your true potential emerges … from getting that promotion to finding a new job, attracting your soulmate, coping with stress and anxiety, or finding your life’s purpose and loving yourself for exactly who you are.

Each session is unique and tailored to your personal goals, and is designed to connect you with your inner wisdom. The techniques used may include a mix of guided imagery, motivational coaching, Executive coaching, hypnotic suggestions, energy psychology, emotional acupressure, emotional release, yoga, Qigong, meditation, breathwork, and hypnosis.

Together, we will transform your life and develop tools to increase your overall well-being and happiness.

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Discover Deeper Meaning to Your Life

Oftentimes, people spend much of their 20’s and 30’s focused on their career. They advance in their field, collect accomplishment after accomplishment, and focus their energy on climbing the corporate ladder. After ten to fifteen years of this lifestyle, people often take a step back and wonder, “What is it all about?” Their life feels out of balance, they don’t have enough time for their families and friends, and they have a sense that there is something bigger that they’re missing out on. And that’s when they seek help.

When we work together, we will use a variety of techniques to transform your life and develop tools to increase your overall wellbeing, including:

  • Creating better work-life balance
  • Dealing with any unresolved loss or grief you might have experienced in the past
  • Exploring the role spirituality plays in your life, based on your own unique beliefs
  • Discovering “what it all means” for you
  • Uncovering your life’s purpose

Release Work-Related Stress

Sometimes moving into a new role can cause stress and anxiety. You may feel like you’re overwhelmed and underperforming. You know you’re talented and capable, but the self-doubt is holding you back. And that’s when people seek help.

When we work together, you will learn tools to release stress, manage your anxiety, and bring out your natural talents, including:

  • Moving from confusion and anxiety to vision, clarity, and freedom
  • Communicating & delegating effectively
  • Giving feedback & constructive criticism
  • Helping bring out others’ natural talents
  • Having difficult – yet crucial – conversations
  • Boosting your natural self-confidence

About Dr. Barbara Cox

You have an idea of where you want to be, but you’re not sure how to get there. Barbara can help you get there. You’re not looking to just talk to someone – you’re looking for guidance… for solutions… for change.

You seek help because you feel stuck… you have conscious and unconscious patterns in your life that act like tethers around your ankle. They hold you back, limit your possibilities, and tie you down.

Barbara isn’t just a coach or an advisor – she’s a catalyst leading you to your inner wisdom, helping you understand your intuition, and teaching you tools to harness its power. Her work is a game-changer, helping you access your full potential to build the life of your dreams.

Rave Reviews

“Having never considered a professional for addressing these issues in the past and, not knowing what to expect, I can say without question that Dr. Cox has done an amazing job in making my time with her as useful and as practical as possible. I’m very grateful to have found her and, would highly recommend her.”

~ Senior level professional at a mid-sized company

. . .

Barbara was able to get to the heart of my roadblocks in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do it on my own. Anything we worked on in my sessions with her materialized and was manifested almost immediately after. I’d highly recommend Dr. Barbara Cox to anyone looking to take their professional or personal life to the next level.

~ Jade Waterman, Cofounder of No Pants Media

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