Helping therapists determine their ideal career path, learn how to manage stress, and develop integrative skills to use with clients.

Career Mentoring for Therapists

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Professional Development
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Here’s how it works…


Being a therapist can be a stressful experience… What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom and discover how to have the career you’ve always dreamed of? Listening to this internal voice is how your true potential emerges … from figuring out your niche client base, getting ready to make the leap from agency to private practice, coping with the stress and anxiety of working for yourself (or someone else!), or finding your purpose as a therapist… connecting to your intuition and allowing it to guide you in your career can mean the difference between being stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked or having a thriving, balanced, and fulfilling career!

As a psychotherapist in private practice, Barbara knows the ins and outs of this journey. She has walked down this career path for herself, and knows how to help other therapists build the careers they’ve been waiting for. With Barbara’s mentoring, you will focus on several key areas to develop a thriving and fulfilling career, including:

  • Career guidance & mentoring
    • Get clear on what you want in your career
    • Develop an action plan and concrete steps to achieve your goals
    • Create a vision for your life
  • Stress management
    • Learn how to cope with the unique stressors of being a therapist
    • Develop tools to help you “leave clients at the office”
    • Build your ability to set boundaries with clients and with bosses
  • Professional development & training
    • Learn how to use more integrative tools with clients
    • Integrate Eastern and Western practices into your tool kit
    • Develop more holistic therapy techniques
  • Case Consultation
    • Discuss complex cases with a seasoned psychotherapist
    • Receive professional input and feedback on your work
    • Explore other approaches to use with specific clients when you feel stuck or are unsure of yourself

Barbara’s mentoring includes a combination of the areas listed above and is tailored to suit your individual interests and desired outcomes. Each mentoring session is unique and customized to your personal needs as a developing therapist, and is designed to connect you with your inner wisdom. 

Together, we will transform your life and develop tools to increase your overall well-being and happiness.

Let’s connect…

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Discover Deeper Meaning to Your Work

Oftentimes, we as therapists spend much of our 20’s and 30’s focused on our career.  We tend to do this in isolation after grad school & licensure, with a lack of true mentors that can help us figure out cases, develop integrated (new) skills, and just generally get support and not feel so isolated. You can advance in the field, collect accomplishment after accomplishment, and focus your energy on seeing client after client. After a few years in this work, therapists often take a step back and wonder, “What is it all about?” Life may feel out of balance, you don’t have enough time for their families and friends, you feel isolated, and you have a sense that there is something bigger that you’re missing out on. And that’s when you seek help.

When we work together, we will use a variety of techniques to address your individual needs as a therapist, discuss cases and build your therapeutic skill set, and increase your overall well being, including:

  • Case consultations to seek clarity and direction/supportive direction.
  • Create better work-life balance.
  • Build tools to release taking on other’s traumas or emotional overload.
  • Map out a roadplan for your ideal career plan (and if desired, how to set up your own private practice).
  • Develop an integrated expertise tailored to your interests.
  • Boost your natural self-confidence.
  • If desired, learning to develop leadership skills to grow your business.
  • Discovering “what it all means” for you.

About Dr. Barbara Cox

You have an idea of where you want to be, but you’re not sure how to get there. Barbara can help you get there. You’re not looking to just talk to someone – you’re looking for guidance… for solutions… for support.

Barbara has been trained in many different types of therapy and uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach. She holds a PHD in Clinical Psychology. She was a pre-med student in Biology at UCSD however, she decided to forgo medical school and instead worked for the DOD for 6 years as a biologist/environmental scientist, before heading to graduate school for a PHD in Psychology. She is well-versed in CBT, mindfulness and meditation, hypnosis -both direct and indirect/Ericksonian, having been trained by students of his, including Bill O’Hanlon (Co-founder of Solution-Oriented Therapy) and Dr. Michele Ritterman, who wrote the seminal work on integrating family therapy with hypnosis. Barbara loves integrating hypnosis with CBT and with various Meridian therapies (Energy Psychology).

Barbara isn’t just a coach or a mentor – she’s a catalyst leading you to your inner wisdom, helping you understand your intuition, and teaching you tools to harness its power. Her work is a game-changer, helping you access your full potential to build the life of your dreams.

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