Inspiring Stories


This is a story of one of my clients that will show you what is possible for you through hypnosis and coaching. (Details in all cases have been changed to protect client confidentiality.) Dillon called me because he was feeling frustrated with his work situation. He had originally worked in a large metropolitan city prior to being transferred by the company to a smaller, more sedate city. His new position was high-pressured and entailed long hours. He was unhappy with the transition. In the first three sessions, we primarily explored what things about his work duties he enjoyed and what in his past work and life felt happy and fulfilling. When he went into his trance state during the fourth session, we explored what a happy, fulfilling work environment looked like, as if he was already in it. We accomplished this by having him play a game with his mind, imagining going to his near future and seeing himself in his optimal work environment and life.

Our goal was to help him create or access a mental, subconscious filter for “happy, prosperous work and life”, so that he would have a gut feeling of what that felt like. Then he was more likely to naturally gravitate to the action steps he needed to take or people he needed to contact to make that imagined scene a concrete reality. When he came out of trance, we discussed in more detail what he had seen and felt. He clearly described the types of people he was with, what work he was doing, how much he was making, and he saw himself in a different city, one that was more metropolitan and high-powered. He realized what key factors were important to him in his work life. We also explored any action steps he felt called to take. He committed to do the simple action steps of contacting certain people that had popped into his mind during the session, along with practicing the tools he’d learned during our sessions.

About seven months later, he came in for another session. He was ecstatic, saying “It happened just like I envisioned in our last session: I got the job I wanted in the city I wanted, and I’m moving next month!” And, his new position had higher salary. The power of the mind is incredible. If you learn to trust it and use it to your benefit, you can achieve amazing things. Instead of working “bottom-up,” i.e., going from the details to the big picture, learn to work “top-down” by creating your big-picture mental filter. This process weeds out busy work and leads you to the most effective details and action steps to focus on to make your ideal work or business a reality.