July Webinar – Boost Your Intuition Using Trance States

In this webinar, we delve into the deep collective unconscious to learn an intuitive tool that shift mental states and clears negative programming from the collective on female roles.

Click here to watch the webinar video.

With this month’s release of the movie “Wonder Woman”, it reminds me that movies often signal the release of old, unhelpful programs and the ‘download’ of new more helpful ones.  During this webinar, you will learn to go into the deep unconscious where collective programs are stored and learn to choose one program to release from your space and download a new one, just like an app on your phone.  Before your trip to the deep unconscious, we will review and expand on the following intuitive tools – How to protect your space, and how to define your space.  If you would like to review last month’s webinar about meditation and intuition, click here to watch that webinar.

This class will be a foundational class upon which other classes will build, so it is highly recommended that you take this class prior to taking (or listening to) future classes.

Every month, we will post a new webinar topic related to Intuition and the date and time will vary to accommodate different time zones because we have members from around the world. Yippee!

Missed the webinar? Watch the video!