May Webinar – Introduction to Basic Concepts of Intuition: Meditation Part I

Learn tools to increase your intuition by building on the information you learned last seminar on chakras.

Click here for to watch the webinar video.

The chakras are centers of information in the body. In this webinar, you will learn the specific function of the seven major chakras and how to access that information more fully. We will build on last month’s information and add new exercises to access information from your body’s intelligence to help it run more efficiently. Click here to watch that webinar.

In this webinar, I will bring in a case study to show you how you can use this tool for success at work –to be happier and more joyful at work as well as financially successful.

This class will be a foundational class upon which other classes will build, so it is highly recommended that you take this class prior to taking (or listening to) future classes.

Every month, we will post a new webinar topic related to Intuition and the date and time will vary to accommodate different time zones because we have members from around the world. Yippee!

Missed the webinar? Watch the video!