July Webinar: Boost Your Intuition Using Trance States

Delve into the deep collective unconscious to learn an intuitive tool that shift mental states and clears negative programming from the collective on female roles.

During this webinar, you will learn to go into the deep unconscious where collective programs are stored and learn to choose one program to release from your space and download a new one, just like an app on your phone. Before your trip to the deep unconscious, we will review and expand on the following intuitive tools – How to protect your space, and how to define your space.


June Webinar: Introduction to Basic Concepts of Intuition: Meditation Part II

Go on a mystical journey to a place of beauty, wealth and belonging. We learn even more intuitive tools here.

In this webinar, we go on a past life regression to the era called the “Belle Epoque”, meaning the Golden Era/Beautiful Era – it was a time of great prosperity, art, culture and a new sense of belonging in society.

May Webinar: Introduction to Basic Concepts of Intuition: Meditation Part I

Learn tools to increase your intuition by building on the information you learned last seminar on chakras.

In this webinar, you learn the specific function of the seven major chakras and how to access that information more fully.

April Webinar: Introduction to Basic Concepts of Intuition: The Chakras

Learn about your chakras (energy centers) and how they influence your intuition.

This month’s webinar will start with a description of each chakra, what they do, and how you can ignite your intuition more rapidly with a process to activate and balance them.

March Webinar: Past Life Regression to Activate Your Intuition

Experience your Soul’s History

This month, we start with a Past Life Regression to unlock your intuition.