Real Estate Coaching

Are you a realtor who wants to increase sales? Do you struggle to close deals with your clients? Barbara offers coaching specifically for you. Learn to use her cutting-edge meditative process to shift your mindset and unlock your selling potential. Learn more about Barbara’s sales coaching successes in this case study.

BCOX- Sabrina Case Study
Or, check out her real estate coaching videos below!


Barb & Jade Talk Real Estate

Barb and Jade talk real estate. Why should women own at least one property on their own. We mentor YOU to help you find a realtor, get into residential real estate, or commercial real estate.



Choosing Between Two Potential Properties

Barb and Jade answer viewers’ questions that women in real estate commonly have. They discuss both commercial real estate and residential real estate. These videos are made especially for women in real estate, looking for a mentor.



Workplace Meditation

Barb and Jade present a workplace meditation for you to help focus on achieving your real estate and business goals.



Finding a Great Realtor and Getting Pre-Approved

Barbara and Jade interview Lisa Ashkins of Ascent Real Estate on how to find the best realtor for women wanting to build their real estate portfolio. They also tackle getting a pre-approval and finances.



What to Ask A Realtor

A guest viewer asks Lisa Ashkins of Ascent Real Estate basic questions on how to buy real estate, for women wanting to build their real estate portfolio.