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‘Safe Place Guided Imagery’ Script

(Read this free guided meditation into a recorder first, for personal use only, copyrighted material.)

To begin this guided meditation, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Notice your body and be aware of any tension. Began releasing any tension you notice with your breath as you exhale. Allow your breathing gradually slow down. As you do this, allow yourself to picture in your mind’s eye, a safe place. Notice what the first comes to mind. What type of place does your mind choose as a safe Place…?

If it’s a beach, what to the waves look like? What do they sound like? Can you feel the mist on your face? Taste the salt on your tongue? Allow yourself to notice if there any birds overhead. Hear the sound of the birds chirping, singing a song. Notice if there are any breezes in this place, feel the wind on your cheeks…

Notice the ground beneath your feet. Is a dirt or sand? What does it feel like on your feet? Is a warm or cool on your toes? Allow yourself to lie down in the safe Place and feel the ground beneath your body. Notice the gentle sand below warming your body, allowing you to relax even more and feel safe during this meditation. Feel the weight of your body resting on the ground allowing gravity to help you release any tension into the ground and let go of it. Imagine that with each rush of the waves touching the shore that any tension gets washed away with the tide…

Look above you into this sky and notice the color of the sky. Is the sun shining? Is the sky clear? Notice if there any trees around. What kind of leaves do they have? What color are the leaves? Pick one of the leaves and notice what it feels like, what’s the texture’s like? Then notice a tree stump in this place and go and sit on this stump, feeling the sun above your head warming you and further relaxing you. Breathe in the warmth and vibrancy of the sun allowing it to fill you with a sense of calm and peace from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Notice as you become part of your safe Place that you feel more rested, more relaxed, more at peace…

When you’re ready, allow yourself to come back into this room and leave your safe place for now, knowing that at any time you can return to your safe place, anytime you need…After you have thoroughly visualized this place, open your eyes but stay in the same relaxed position. Continue to breathe smoothly and rhythmically, and take a few moments to experience and enjoy your relaxing guided meditation. Your safe place is available to you whenever you need to go there.

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