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I enjoy working with forward-thinking and innovative organizations to help make your vision a reality.

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For Individuals

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If you want clear guidance,  including hypnosis and transformative tools for positive change, you’ve found the place. The tools I teach are innovative techniques – they are catalysts to reaching your goals. A limited number of consultations are available each month. Before scheduling, ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to examine what holds me back and what propels me forward?
  • Am I ready to commit the time and energy needed to change?
  • Am I ready to change?
  • Am I curious to explore new pathways of potential for myself?

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What can you expect from a session with Barbara?

Hypnosis and the other tools I teach you can help resolve most issues and help you create a happy, successful and healthy life.  It works great to:

  • Boost Confidence and Skill Enhancement (for example, job skills, going from a techie job to management, asking for and getting a raise, communication enhancement.)
  • Relax or De-stress or get over a phobia or fear.
  • Improve Public Speaking.
  • Lose Weight/Eat Better/Get Healthy.
  • Find a Romantic Partner.
  • Create Success.
  • And More…

The power of the mind is incredible. If you learn to trust it and use it to your benefit, you can achieve amazing things. Instead of working “bottom-up,” i.e., going from the details to the big picture, learn to work “top-down” by creating your big-picture mental filter. This process weeds out busy work and leads you to the most effective details and action steps to focus on to make your ideal life a reality. If you are ready to reach your goals and achieve your aspirations – let’s get started! Here’s how we can work together…



After you purchase your session(s), you will receive an email that includes my Welcome letter, a New Client Questionnaire for you to complete prior to our appointment, and a link to a calendar to schedule your appointments at a convenient time. Your consultation will give you the initial impetus on the path to positive life transformation. In it, we’ll define what your ideal outcome is, develop or refine your vision, do a brief guided visualization to get you started and co-create some initial action steps (1 to 3 steps to take after the session), specially tailored to you. After your consultation, you and Barbara can discuss how to best move forward in your development work. Barbara’s coaching is designed as a 10-session retainer, which is usually completed within 10-20 weeks.