An Exercise for Synchronicity


We’ve been talking a lot about synchronicity these past few weeks and as you know, clarity is key! But I know that sometimes, even when you think you have clarity, synchronicity still doesn’t show up… that’s usually because two things you desire are in conflict (read more about that here).

If that’s something you’re struggling with right now, here’s a simple exercise to help you visualize a build a bridge between your two values.

When you define what you value, it’s easier to connect via synchronicity with the communities you resonate with.

So, a good place to start if synchronicity isn’t showing up in your life is to explore who you are, meaning:

  • What defines you?
  • What is important to you?
  • What do you value?

These three questions will help you find clarity and identify a bridge (or two or three!) that can connect any conflicting values you may have! Then, synchronicity will be free to flow into your field effortlessly!

So give this exercise a shot and see what happens! And if you want some support and camaraderie, join the Muse Gathering community, our own private group on Facebook, and share your story there too!