Synchronicity Made Easy – Part II

SynchronicityRemember last week when I said that clarity is key with synchronicity? Being clear on what you want is necessary so that you don’t have two conflicting values! What does that mean? Well, here’s an example:

Let’s say you want to create an empire of real estate properties to manage for residual income, but you also value freedom and the ability to travel at the drop of a hat – your subconscious probably is going to feel stuck on creating that because you managing properties means you have to be around at a moment’s notice if your tenants’ toilet clogs or the water heater breaks. So to create both, you need a solution – how do I keep my ability to travel yet have residual income from real estate?

One value that’s important to you is the belief “I value freedom” and on the other side “I value residual income” If those two values clash, synchronicity will have a hard time activating in your field. So you have to visualize a third concept that acts as a bridge between the two values –  “I can have someone manage the property so I can still get residual income and travel at the same time.” Just because you have two conflicting value sets doesn’t mean that synchronicity can’t happen. You just have to find a bridge to connect the two!

Next week, stay tuned for an exercise to help you get clear on your values and build a bridge to connect any that conflict with each other!

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