Synchronicity Made Easy

SynchronicityI’m often asked, “Just what is synchronicity? How does it work?” Well, I’ll tell you… 

Synchronicity starts with mindsets, which are ‘wardrobes’ or templates for you to ‘try on’ and ‘wear’ so to speak. These mindsets develop in a number of ways. Sometimes you inherit a mindset from your family, sometimes you pick them up from who you go to school with. But just like any wardrobe you have in your closet, even though you’re used to them it doesn’t mean you can’t change them.

A certain type of mindset from the collective unconscious draws people and situations to you → these are the foundation of synchronicity. Here are a few common mindset traps that people tend to fall into. See if you can notice them more consciously in your own life:

  • The Life is a struggle mindset
  • The I’m so busy mindset
  • The I’m better than so and so at _______ mindset
  • The Poor me mindset
  • The Middle class run kids to endless soccer and have no adult personal identity mindset
  • The Collect the most stuff mindset 

What mindsets do you find yourself wearing? Notice which ones help you and which ones hold you back.

Keep an eye out for next week’s posting, which will share with you my own personal story of mindset and synchronicity.

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