Cancel Your Muse Community Account

We’re sorry to see you go!  If you would like to cancel your account, you will need to cancel the recurring subscription within your Paypal account.  Please note that once you cancel your subscription in Paypal you will immediately lose access to The Muse Community, so please be sure to make note of when your next payment is set to and cancel a day before that date.  This will ensure that you continue to have access to The Muse Community for the rest of the time period for which you’ve already paid.

Steps To Cancel Your Paypal Subscription to The Muse Community

  1. Log in to your Paypal account used to sign up for The Muse Community
  2. Click on Settings (next to Log Out)
  3. Locate “Preapproved Payments” under Payment Settings
  4. Locate Barbara Cox in the list and click “cancel” to confirm your request

If you are having trouble with the steps above you may contact Paypal customer service directly via  You will be given a customer service number along with your own one-time passcode.

Thank you!