Increasing Intuition through Past Life Regression


Total running time: 1 hour & 31 minutes.

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This live audio recording helps you to accelerate your personal evolution and fulfillment of your dreams, especially around work  And, most importantly, it can help you to clarify your best work and money path. This is a very special package with useful information and guided meditations to help you find the career path and life you desire! (Please do not listen to while driving.) It is recommended that you listen to the Past Life Regression Session first, wait a few days, and then listen to the Future Life Progression Session separately. What is “Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression”? Future Life Progression is a technique that is closely related to Past Life Regression.

I’ll explain Past Life Regression and then explain Future Life Progression: Many people have had moments of uncanny familiarity in an unfamiliar place, glimpses of something as if from a memory that you haven’t made yourself…of knowing something which you haven’t learned in this lifetime… déjà vu…or even a strong sense of connection with someone that you have just met. These feelings can be fleeting, or very deep. Some people can discount them as ‘a weird moment’, while others are compelled by them to seek an answer.

There are many possible explanations. Some explain the phenomenon as evidence of reincarnation, parallel universes, or genetic memories. Some see it as messages from our unconscious mind speaking in allegory, or as evidence of connections with a higher consciousness – really, the explanation is perhaps less significant than the messages themselves. “Past Life Regression” is basically the structured induction of a focused state of awareness to access these memories and messages from the past. You reach a meditative trance state in the process. This allows you to open up a pathway to consciously experience these buried connections to a higher source of understanding, and can help provide insights into how these glimpses shape our here-and-now lives.

Future Life Progression uses the same process to open you up to ‘memories’ of future lives and possible futures in your current life. These tools help you to:

  • discover patterns that you get stuck in and how to release those patterns
  • provide insight into your deeper yearnings
  • accelerate your personal evolution and fulfillment of your dreams

Often, it’s a mystical adventure into ‘other-wheres’, done for the sheer pleasure of exploration and discovery. Whether you are looking for answers about a certain career path, to resolve certain issues, or to tour the mystical history of your soul, a regression and progression session can be a remarkable and deeply rewarding experience. These classes have helped people find fulfillment many times!

(Note: These recordings are not meant to be a treatment for any physical or mental disorder.)

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