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Helping women unlock and unleash their innate feminine power.

This book teaches women how to shift their mindsets – both on a collective unconscious level and the conscious level – to reignite their state of power and visibility at work and at home.


This book draws on the notion of the collective unconscious – a set of guiding principles that is passed down in society from generation to generation to us. We are born into these subconscious guiding principles that influence our individual choices, whether we know it or not. It’s deep, structural programming that we don’t see, but that guides our feelings, decisions, and behaviors. We also have programming that we are aware of that we’ve learned from our interactions with our environment. Yet, even the beliefs and behaviors that we are conscious of and feel we can change easily are impacted by the collective unconscious.

Certain life circumstances can activate an unconscious belief system based on the collective mindset, which alters your sense of self as a woman. This book teaches readers tools that work on the conscious, linear mind and tools that will shift the deep principles they hold from the collective unconscious.  By learning this process, you will go from invisible to visible, and get recognized and paid for the unique talents you bring to the world.

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Barbara Cox, PhD

Barbara Cox, PhD, is a consultant and coach for women who want to move their careers and lives forward, whose advice has been featured in local and national publications, including and Cosmopolitan, and has been a guest on local San Diego TV shows on healthy living. She specializes in helping innovative leaders and organizations through her books, trainings, and personalized sessions that blend positive psychology, Ericksonian coaching, meditation, and peak-performance hypnosis.

Barbara writes fiction and non-fiction stories with the themes of individual empowerment, community-building, and personal awakening. Furthermore, Barbara is a Licensed Psychologist and runs her own Coaching practice.